October 18, 2020

Joshua 6:26- Chapter 6 ended with the conquest of Jericho and Joshua placed a curse on whosoever would erect another wall around Jericho. The curse was that the persons’ first son would die when the foundation is laid and his youngest son would die when he sets up the gates of it. We do not know why this curse was made by Joshua, but what we do know is that later on in the history of this city, one person did erect this wall and surely the first son and the youngest son paid for it with their lives. Reference was made to this in the scriptures and we will refer to it when we get there. There are many things that happen in life that we don’t understand but only God knows and this one is part of it. I believe this is what the scripture says in Deuteronomy 29:29 that all secrets belong to God, and only the ones revealed belong to us. So also some powers given to many prophets were also used to reveal to us that God hearkens to the voice of His servants. Isaiah 44:26 says “I am the LORD—that confirms the word of his servants, and performs the counsel of his messengers.” Therefore we could relate to the way God responded to prophet Elijah when he called down fire on the 50 messengers (two times) that were sent by the king to bring him to the palace. Later we will read the full story in the book of the kings.

Thus we can be rest assured that our words carry power if we are in the will of God. But we should refrain ourselves to blessings instead of cursing. I believe that God honors our blessings when we speak for God. We should also speak blessings to our lives and all people around us because we can see that there is power in our tongues. Life and death lie in our tongues. Let us use our mouth to declare all the good things we desire to happen to our families, even the world we live. This is why I love the spirit of Americans that all you hear from them is “God bless America.” May the Lord continue to give us wisdom to say what is right, positive and encouraging, and also may the words of our mouth and the meditation of our hearts be acceptable to God in Jesus Name, Amen. God bless you!!!.

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