October 5, 2020

Deuteronomy 33:1-end -In this chapter we have a record of the blessings that Moses poured upon each tribe of the children of Israel, before his death. This is the tradition that I have seen from Genesis. Abraham blessed Isaac and gave everything he had to him. Isaac blessed Jacob and passed the Abrahamic covenant to him. Jacob with 12 children that made up the children of Israel also blessed each one before his death. Now we see this great leader who had been carrying the burden of this nation under the wings of God now blessing the entire nation tribe by tribe as Jacob their father did.  This is why we need to know that the words of our mouth are very important to God. Words of our mouth are like a decree that comes pass . In Isaiah 44:26, the LORD says “Who confirms the word of His servant, And performs the counsel of His messengers;”

Therefore children of God speak positively to your life and your situations. Do not be defeated by agreeing with the negative circumstances you find yourself in. This was the problem with the children of Israel when they spied the land and they brought back evil report and thousands of lives were lost in the wilderness and that resulted in their wandering in the wilderness for forty years. You need to trust God that He will do whatever He says. Continue to bless yourself, your children and your family, uproot the lies of the enemy that have taken root in your family. For example, some people believe that a particular kind of disease runs in the family and accepted as normal part of their life. This is the lie of the devil. As long as you are in Christ Jesus, you can stand in the gap and use the name of the Lord Jesus to uproot, throw down and demolish every stronghold in your family. You do this by Faith. Faith is the key to receiving your miracle.

Ignorance had made many of us to curse people instead of blessing them, Some parents even curse their children when they angered them. Therefore we should learn from these patriarchs to bless our children and everyone and the LORD will perfect everything that concerns all of us in Jesus Name, Amen. God bless!!!

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