October 2, 2020

Deuteronomy 31:1-end – In this chapter, Moses informed the children of Israel that he is 120 years old and cannot move around as before and his end is drawing near. He also told them to be strong that the LORD their God will go before them and help them to conquer the remaining land. Joshua will be their leader as from then on. He also encouraged Joshua to be strong and not to fear because the LORD will not leave them nor forsake them. Moses wrote the  law and delivered it to the priests to be read every seven years during the Feasts of Tabernacles  so the little ones will hear and learn to fear the LORD. Here in this chapter, the LORD told Moses that the children of Israel will forsake Him after his demise, and His anger will be against them during that time. The LORD told Moses to write these words in a song for them to sing it all the time to remind them of what He would do when they provoke Him to anger. The songs will testify against them as a witness, because it will not be forgotten in the mouths of their descendants. Moses wrote the song the same day and taught them. He also inaugurated Joshua the son of Nun and the Laws that he wrote in a book he gave it to the Levites to put it beside the Ark of the Covenant as a witness of all that God commanded them to do.

The chapter is loaded with so many parts that I wanted to include in this write up. Just like God told Abraham in Genesis that his descendants would be as numerous as the sand of the sea when this man was still waiting for his promised child., and that they will be in a foreign land for 400 years before they return to the promised land. Our God is the Alpha and the Omega, and is also predicting what will happen to the children of Israel after they have occupied the land and they have eaten and grown fat. He told them they would provoke Him to anger by the works of their hands. Therefore the LORD God of Israel has no beginning and no end. He knows the end from the beginning. He knows what each of us will do later on in life. He knows those who will believe in Him and those who will not. It is not a surprise to Him when you stumble or when I stray away like a prodigal son. From the amount of warning He gave to the children of Israel, we can say truly our God is a JUST God. After leaving no stone unturned as a witness against them, they are to put the Law in a Book which is to be there permanently by the Ark of Covenant, and they are made into songs to sing everyday. The Law is to be read every seven years. What else can our God do to make these people obey Him?

Today we see our LORD proclaiming that “It is finished ” on the cross of Calvary. That is, the work of salvation has been completed by His death. There is no other sacrifice, all that is required from us is to read the Book of the Law (the Bible), and should not allow it to depart from our mouth. God inspired all the writers to write all that we have today as the complete Bible just as He inspired Moses to put His words into the Book. For us to know that God is the Author of the Bible, spend some time digging deep into each book, and you will see the correlation between them and how they all point to the same theme, which is, for us to be saved from the wrath that will come upon the whole world for their disobedience. He allowed Noah and his family to be saved while the entire world that was in existence at that time, perished. He also destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah because of their sexual immorality. We read that the world we are in now is being reserved for fire to destroy the children of disobedience. To know what will happen at the end, He revealed it to John the apostle in the Book of Revelation. He has not left anyone in the dark. He revealed Himself to us in many ways, and warned us of what will happen if we don’t obey Him so that nobody will have any excuse at the end.

Brothers and sisters, let us take the words of God seriously because anyone that plays with fire will get burnt. I pray the LORD opens our hearts and minds to His Scriptures, and empowers us to be the DOERS of His Word in Jesus Name, Amen.. Be Blessed!!!

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