September 29, 2020

Deuteronomy 28:1-end- This chapter is divided into two parts, the blessings on obedience (1-14) and curses on disobedience (15-68). Children of God I have always read the blessings and not the curses, but today I read through the curses and discovered that many problems that are facing the whole world today are part of the curses mentioned here. The God of Israel is the God of the whole world. If you think what is written in the Bible does not concern you, think again. Please read the curses through as I did and judge for yourselves.

There is no short cut out of this plague, when you obey the LORD, you will enjoy God,, but when you disobey Him, the consequences are not palatable. No wonder the world is faced with different kinds of diseases, and despite the technological advancement, the breakthrough that we have in those areas did not solve our problems. We need to wake up to reality. We are all suffering because of our sins. Though our Lord Jesus Christ came to take away those curses, but some of us do not accept Him for the curses to be removed according to Galatians 3:13.  Those of us that declared Him as our LORD, do not obey His commandments as we are supposed to. How will the world receive the PEACE that Jesus brings if we do not hearken unto His voice?

The disasters that are facing the world are enough pointers to our deplorable spiritual situation. We have all gone astray. As coronavirus is fighting the health of people, other natural disasters are raging, like the wildfire in California, hurricane, tornadoes and others are causing havoc in other places. Don’t we need to plead with God for MERCY,  because it is only HIs MERCY that can save us from this pandemic that the whole world is facing now. Let us repent and turn to God. Let us pray that God will visit us again, and restore us back to Himself. Imagine the degree of wickedness in this great country of America. We have allowed our liberty to be turned to license to do what is not pleasing to God. The land that was established on the foundation of Christianity, has deviated from the tenets of the gospel and allowed liberalism or tolerance to rule the day. Different kinds of religion or beliefs have spread through the nation.  .Discrimination, injustice and hatred are the fruits of our disobedience that are making our lives more unbearable. We need to RETURN to God.  We need to pray earnestly for forgiveness of all our sins and restoration of peace among us. May the LORD hear our prayers in Jesus Name, Amen!!!

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