September 27, 2020

Deuteronomy 26:1-end- In this chapter the LORD is reminding them of their first fruits which they shall bring to the sanctuary for God to bless them. They would tell God why they are very grateful to Him for all that He had done for them by bringing their forefathers few in number to Egypt where they were multiplied but later subjected to slavery and the LORD brought them out of the land to this land that is flowing with milk and honey. This tells us the reason why we should show our appreciation to our God all the time. It is out of His mercy that He chose their fathers and blessed them and then delivered them from bondage and then brought them to a good land.

It is good to give thanks to the LORD for His goodness and His mercy to all mankind. He is the reason we are still living. He kept us alive even in the midst of this pandemic. Thousands have died because they were infected with this virus, while some died as a result of other kinds of diseases. Whatever we are going through, the fact that we are still living, the LORD deserves our praises. Praise the LORD!. Apart from bringing first fruits or tithes to Him, everything that we have and we are belongs to Him  We should thank Him with our whole being, surrendering our total self to Him. I remember the story of Mary and Martha, while Martha would be busy trying to take care of visitors that came to see Jesus, Mary abandoned herself to the feet of Jesus listening to everything He had to say. Jesus told Martha that Mary had chosen the better part of life, which is more important than the cares of this world. This should be our  portion too, thinking of all that God has done and is still doing for us., and thanking Him all the time, appreciating Him, and loving Him by living a life that is devoid of sin.

Romans 8 says those that are still mindful of things of the flesh (world) cannot please Him. What we are witnessing in the year 2020 is beyond any human comprehension. Nobody could fathom the depth of damage it has caused to the entire world. Is God not speaking to us in parable now? What we used to do has become a thing of the past. All our busyness has slowed down by force. All that we care for, do not come to mind the same way again. I believe God is asking us “Who is in control now, Me or you” Many of us do not have time to read our Bible before, but now I hope people are spending more time in the Word. Those people who do not spend meaningful time with their family, have no choice but to stay home and spend time with them. I think we can gladly say “All things are working together for good for those who love the LORD and are called according to His purpose.”

Brothers and sisters, let us spend this time maximally appreciating our Creator, thanking Him for all that He is doing and hoping that we will learn our lessons and return to Him fully with no distractions. My prayer is that we will be thinking more of our heavenly home, laying our treasures in the place where moth cannot  destroy them. Let us do whatever we can now to be useful to His kingdom. May the LORD bless you in Jesus Name, Amen!!!

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