September 26, 2020

Deuteronomy 25:1-end-In this chapter the LORD deals with four important aspects of the welfare of the children of Israel and they are (1) a man sentenced to receive lashes in a judgment in the court case must not receive more than 40 lashes which should be done in the presence of the judge.(2) if a man dies without a son, the widow must be married to the brother-in-law so as to raise the first son for the man that died in order for his name not to be forgotten (3) Accurate weights must be used in their merchandise, that is, full and honest measures are what God desires in any of their dealings and (4) the Amalekites must be totally erased from memory when they settle down in their promised land because of what they did to them.

The LORD declared in Exodus 23:25 that none of his children shall be barren. God has proven Himself times without number that this promise holds up till today, and for ever.. The LORD is making another way to raise a child to any man that dies without a son for whatever reason, to be compensated for through his brother. The LORD does not want anyone to be without an offspring. This is why I strongly believe whoever is in this position of waiting on the LORD for offspring should not lose hope but just believe that his own will surely come soon because it is His desire to bless us with children. If He can make a way for the dead to still be remembered, He will surely remember the one that is living. Praise the LORD!

The other aspect is that the LORD honors our honesty and integrity in all that we do. He hates cheaters, defrauders and accumulating wealth dishonestly. We need to have the fear of the LORD and be conscious of our dealings with everyone. We must consider the way God deals with all of us and do likewise to our neighbors. We need to understand that our lives are naked before Him, and there is nothing that is secret to Him. Let us do what is pleasing to the LORD. Micah 6:8 says, “What the LORD requires of you is to do what is right, to love mercy, and to walk humbly with your God.” May the LORD give us the grace to do this in Jesus Name Amen. Be blessed!!!

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