August 29, 2020

Numbers 34:1-end -“And the LORD spoke unto Moses, saying, Command the children of Israel, and say unto them, When ye come into the land of Canaan; (this is the land that shall fall unto you for an inheritance, even the land of Canaan with the coasts thereof)…” The LORD gave Moses the rundown of all the land with their borders to the north, south, east, and west. Then the LORD gave him the names of the men which shall divide the land unto them, Eleazar the priest and Joshua the son of Nun. Whatever falls to each tribe by lot will further be divided by the leader of each tribe. The LORD gave the names of the princes (leaders) that will do this.

Our God is God of order. God prepares the children of Israel in such a meticulous way that leaves no doubt in the mind of any one who is responsible for what task. The borders of the land on every side and the people that will divide the whole land were made known while Moses was still with them. The children of Israel were really blessed for God to be visibly directing their affairs, and fulfilled all the promises that He made to their forefathers. Our God is a covenant -keeping God. The journey that would have taken few months turned to forty years of wandering in a circle of life until all those generations that did not believe perished. The stories we have been reading are not fictions but real life experiences which were written for our learning. Can we borrow from Joshua and Caleb the Faith that kept them going up until now?. While their counterparts died in the wilderness, here they were about to enter the promised land. They believed the word of the LORD and they ran with it. What about you? Is there anything that looks like insurmountable mountain before you, please let us take a leave from Joshua and Caleb, that there is nothing, absolutely nothing impossible for God to do. He knows everyone by name. He knows the assignment that He has for you. He will not abandon you in that assignment. He will help you to the end. We will see in the book of Joshua how He charged him to be strong in what he believed in and not allow his faith to waver.

So brothers and sisters, I do not have anything new to tell you other than to encourage you to be strong in the LORD and do not allow your circumstances to make you doubt God. God operates in a timely manner and in His time, He makes all things beautiful. he will beautify your life and glorify Himself in your life in Jesus Name, Amen. Remain blessed.

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