August 27, 2020

Numbers 32:1-end-This chapter deals with the allocation of the land on the east side of Jordan to the children of Reuben, Gad and half tribe of Manasseh. These group came to Moses to ask permission to occupy this part of the land because they saw the place good for their cattle since they have plenty of them. Moses first of all reminded them that they cannot settle down on this side when the other tribes had not gotten their inheritance. They still need to fight to conquer the remaining cities beyond Jordan for them to have their own inheritance allotted to them. They promised to continue with them in the battle until everyone of them had their inheritance assigned to them.

Through the children of Israel, God demonstrated to us that the whole world belongs to Him, and everything in it. He gives it to whomsoever He wills. We are all strangers here on earth occupying it until the time given to us is over. The children of Israel had to fight to take the land from the former occupants because they did not use the land to glorify God. The LORD brought up these descendants of Abraham to make them a role model of what He wanted the human race to be. He empowered them to conquer all the towns and villages that He wanted them to occupy. Now they are settling down tribe by tribe and Moses warned them not to relent in their effort to continue to fight until all the land had been taken over by the other tribes.They promised to do this until all the other tribes possess theirs.

Brothers and sisters, it is good to remember that we are all sojourners on this earth, we did not bring anything to this world, everything belongs to Him. God says in Isaiah 1:19, “If you are willing and obedient, you will eat the good of this land” God is telling us that, our being able to enjoy the land that He placed us in is contingent upon being obedient to His laws and precepts. The world God created is good and is filled with so many resources for us to enjoy. If we are obedient to Him, He will guide us to discover our own hidden blessings, and then enjoy all that are therein. Unfortunately many of us labor with no understanding.¬† My prayer is that the Lord will open our eyes of understanding, and guide us into our own inheritance that He has for us, and then give us the grace to enjoy it to the end in Jesus Name, Amen. Remain blessed!!!

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