August 24, 2020

Numbers 30:1-end–This chapter deals with vow made by a woman who is a youth under the authority of her father or an adult that is married. The vow made by a woman will not be against her if her father did not agree to the vow at the time she was making this vow and the husband of the married woman did not agree with the woman  In both cases the LORD says the vow is null and void and will not be counted against the said woman. But if either the father or the husband heard the vow and did not speak against it at the time the vow was made,  the vow holds, and the woman is responsible to fulfill her vow.

This is a wonderful way to know that woman is under the authority of her father or husband whatever the case may be. If our God could be this concerned about the vows we make, it shows the depth of His loving kindness on His creation. He does not want us to make any mistakes or be ensnared by the words of our mouth. The Scripture says “Death and life are in the power of our tongue, and God holds us to our words just like you can bank on His own Words.  He says in Isaiah 55 “The words that come out of His mouth will not return unto Him void, but will accomplish the purpose for which it is sent.” Therefore if you make a vow, we must follow through. Therefore you need to think well before you commit yourself to any vow to the LORD. Don’t rush into saying what you cannot do.  Maybe women have this weakness, that is why He is giving us the second chance by allowing either the father or the husband  to help us see the practicality of what we have committed ourselves to.  If they see that what we have said is not practicable, they could disagree and help us nullify it, otherwise whatever we say stands.

Brothers and sisters, I hope this chapter that addresses women’s vow in particular, has opened us up into the vow we have made in the past but have not paid, or help us not to make any future vow that we cannot  follow through, because once you say it, it becomes a debt that must be paid. Making a vow is not limited to women alone, any one could be asking something from God and because of the urgency of that need, you could be prompted to make a vow. Please let the Holy Spirit guide you into the type of vow that you can redeem. Our God is a good God, and wants us to be careful in the choice of our words so that we don’t get trapped with our words. May the LORD continue to teach us and guide us to the end in Jesus Name, Amen. Remain blessed.

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