July 25, 2020

God is true and His word has forever been established. Nothing can change it. Every word He has spoken into your life will come to pass if you can follow Him with all your heart , mind, and soul. Because of the various ways in which He has proven Himself through the children of Israel, I have no doubt in my mind that He is what He says He is.(THE I AM THAT I AM). He is Omnipresent, even if I can’t see Him, my life is naked before Him (Psalm 139 and Hebrew 4:13). So also is your life too.

Some people come to this Website in order to sell their stuff. This website is a non-profit organization and its main purpose is to bring the word of God to you in an undiluted fashion. If I were you I will allow what I read here to penetrate my mind and change me for the better. All your material wealth that you acquire will not go with you when you die.The Bible says, “What shall profit a man if he gains the whole world and lose his soul?” There is no repentance on the other side. because once you die it is judgement. You don’t want to be condemned into eternal damnation in hell fire.

Please I am appealing to you today to give your life to Jesus Christ because it is only through Him and following Him by obeying His commandments that you can make Heaven. Heaven is real, and hell is real also. Jesus is coming soon, so accept Him today, because tomorrow might be too late. God loves you and this message is for you today maybe that is why I am writing this instead of continuing the story in Numbers. We will continue to read through the scriptures and learn real life lessons that can transform our lives. Be blessed!!!

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