July 14, 2020

Numbers 6:1-27–the chapter focused on the law of the Nazarites which I am not going to dwell on until I have more understanding of the topic. I remember that Manoah’s wife (Samson’s mother) was visited by an Angel who told her she was going to conceive and bear a child that would be a Nazarite. We will see this in the book of Judges. All that were listed in this chapter were repeated there as the characteristics of a Nazarite. The significance of this is that the person is made holy or set apart for God to use. We will see in the book of Judges how Samson was used for God’s glory to defeat the enemies of Israel.

The end of this chapter will be our focus and it reads “And the LORD spake unto Moses, saying, Speak unto Aaron and unto his sons, saying, On this wise ye shall bless the children of Israel, saying unto them, The LORD bless thee, and keep thee. The LORD makes His face shine upon thee, and be gracious unto thee. The LORD lift up His countenance upon thee and give thee peace. And they shall put my name upon the children of Israel and I will bless them.” 22-27.

The blessing of God was pronounced upon the children of Israel by the priests, the chosen vessels that have been given the authority to do so. God spoke to Moses and gave the words of blessing that he was to speak over the people in His Name. The Father wanted His people to hear the words of His blessings being spoken through Moses and Aaron, as if He was speaking to them Himself. He said, And they shall put my name upon the children of Israel and I will bless them. In essence, God was telling Moses and Aaron: I want you to speak a blessing over My people. I will place My Name upon them, and I will bless them! This blessing spoken in the power and authority of God’s Name-was not just a simple benediction or prayer, It released the supernatural power of God and His blessings upon them. Because God is a covenant-keeping God, the children of Israel are comparatively blessed above other nations and we have statistics to show this.

Today we are marked by God’s Name too. We are His people. 2 Corinthians 8:9 says “For you know the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, that though He was rich, yet for your sakes He became poor, that you through His poverty might become rich.” He has promised to bless us with all that He has and all that He is. God’s Name represents all that is contained in His character: love, mercy. forgiveness, provision, power, strength, grace, and everything that He is. All of the power and authority that He possesses is in His Name. He is Jehovah -Jireh (our Provider), Jehovah Rapha (Our Healer), Jehovah-Shalom (Our Peace), Jehovah-Nissi (Our Banner), Jehovah – Rohi (Our Shepherd), and Jehovah-Tsidkenu¬† (Our Righteousness).

Receive these blessings upon yourself and family, and by faith, begin to speak these blessings upon every situation of your life, your marriage, your business, your health, your children and every thing you desire in Jesus Name. Be blessed!

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