May 8, 2019


The same way. God made a detailed dimension of the first three tools we have described, so also He did for the other ones such as Gold Lampstand, the Tabernacle, Altar of burnt offering, Court of the Tabernacle, the care of the Lampstand, Garments for the Priesthood, The Ephod, The Breastplate, Other Priestly Garment. In order to save space and to avoid repetition, I have listed them for us to see that every thing that God desires He makes known to His people. Everything is very important and has to be done correctly. God is in control of every life and has purpose for all that goes on in one’s life. Even when we do not understand, just like I am limited in my explanation of some things I read, I know there is a reason for all the dimensions He gives to everything He commanded them to do for the sanctuary to be erected. Just as I look at the world today, and I see many people of different skin tone, we see white, black and other colors in between, we wonder why are we made in different colors. We have no answer to this question, because our God is unsearchable God. What about people of different heights, short, medium, tall and very tall, we wonder why we are in these different forms. What about sizes, thin, fat, medium, round, and so on? All that we are and how we are made and why we are made the way we are, can not be explained by any of us. These are the ways for us to know that God is Supreme, and as we cannot add an inch to our heights nor increase the number of hairs on our head, so also we have no control over what we consider as “natural things”. They are all from God. He alone knows why He does what He does. Many things we witness today and we consider as natural and we have no control over, makes me to fear the God of the universe. Imagine the changes we experience in the weather, nobody has control over them: the sun, the rain, the winter, the summer, and all other seasonal changes, The wind that brings so much disaster cannot be controlled by any gadget made by man: the tornadoes, the hurricane and the like. Therefore reading  through the scriptures, I have come to realize that all that we see and even the ones we cannot see, are the works of God. God had done all these so that we will KNOW that there is God and He is the POWER behind ALL THINGS. Though we cannot see Him, but what we can see are enough evidence of His Hand in all creation.

What should now be our attitude in all these scenario I have presented? Our attitude should be to seek the God of Heaven so that we can have wisdom to know what His plans are for us. When we have understanding of who we are and what are purpose is, our lives become meaningful. There is no coincidence in any thing that comes our way. We should not take any visitor that comes into contact with us as unimportant. The people in the Bible were visited severally by angels in human form sent by God. If you are constantly  aware that God manifests Himself in many ways, you will be able to tune yourself to what goes on around you. Ecclesiastes 9:11 says, ” I returned and saw under the sun that—The race is not to the swift, Nor the battle to the strong, Nor bread to the wise, Nor riches to men of understanding, Nor favor to men of skill; But time and chance happen to them all.” Time and Chance happen to them all. God is the Owner and Controller of Time. At His own appointed time He does whatever He wants to the living. Therefore my prayer is that we will not miss our timing, we will not miss our time of visitation, we will not miss our time of turn around, we will be responsive to Him when our time comes. Let us continue to live in His Fear and adoration, and constantly seek to know His will for us. May the God of the universe continue to bring us to His knowledge in Jesus Name. Amen  Be blessed.

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