March 12, 2019


Exodus 2 started with the birth of Moses from the descendant of Levi. The bible says “And a man of the house of Levi went and took as wife a daughter of Levi.  So the woman conceived and bore a son. And when she saw that he was a beautiful child, she hid him three months.   But when she could no longer hide him, she took an ark of bulrushes for him, daubed it with asphalt and pitch, put the child in it, and laid it in the reeds by the river’s bank. And his sister stood afar off, to know what would be done to him. Then the daughter of Pharaoh came down to bathe at the river. And her maidens walked along the riverside; and when she saw the ark among the reeds, she sent her maid to get it.   And when she opened it, she saw the child, and behold, the baby wept. So she had compassion on him, and said, “This is one of the Hebrews’ children.” Then his sister said to Pharaoh’s daughter, “Shall I go and call a nurse for you from the Hebrew women, that she may nurse the child for you?”  And Pharaoh’s daughter said to her, “Go.” So the maiden went and called the child’s mother.   Then Pharaoh’s daughter said to her, “Take this child away and nurse him for me, and I will give you your wages.” So the woman took the child and nursed him.   And the child grew, and she brought him to Pharaoh’s daughter, and he became her son. So she called his name Moses, saying, “Because I drew him out of the water.”

Moses was born at a time of great persecution in Egypt when an Hebrew male child should be killed by throwing him to the river. The mother of Moses tried to hide him for about three months and when she could not continue to hide him, the LORD gave her wisdom to build an ark of bulrushes and placed the boy in it while his sister looked on from far off. God brought Pharaoh’s daughter to the scene and put his compassion in her and had pity on him. God is the architect of everything that goes on in life. The people who made decree to kill every male child of the Hebrews were the same people that God used to raise Moses up.  The Ark in itself represents a place of safety. Psalm 27:5 says “For in the time of trouble  He shall hide me in His pavilion; In the secret place of His tabernacle  He shall hide me.” Truly God protected Moses from being killed, and also kept him safe in the ark, and then allowed Pharaoh’s daughter to come to his rescue, and with her authority Moses was nursed by his own mother, and when he grew up, he was handed over to Pharaoh’s daughter as her son. The mother also received wages for nursing him. This is why the situation you are in, if you give it to God, God will use it as a stepping stone to your breakthrough or your blessing. Moses’s mother tried for three months to hide him and at the end she gave him to God in faith waiting for what God would do. God turned it around and gave the child back to her with blessing. Let us learn to release our burdens to God.

Matthew 11:28-30 says “ Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.  Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.   For My yoke is easy and My burden is light.”  Mothers that carry burdens of the entire family on their heads, should learn to release them to God who knows how to handle every situation. Imagine how easy to hide a new born baby for three months. Of course it is not easy. When she decided to take a step of faith, she had concluded that whatever will happen let it happen,” I am giving him back to God that gave him to me”.  If she did not let go, Pharaoh’s daughter would not have come to her house to adopt the child. The effect of “Letting Go, and Letting God” made God to connect all the “dots” which fit perfectly well to the plan of God.  In return Moses’s mother enjoyed her REST and PEACE while taking care of Moses, because Moses was now God’s property, and God in turn placed the burden on Pharaoh’s daughter to resume the responsibility of carrying Moses on eagle’s wings until adulthood. Moses received first class education in the palace of his enemy. Who can God not use? Everyone of us are His workmanship, we are tools in His Hand. God says “BE STILL AND KNOW THAT I AM GOD”  I pray that the LORD will use us for His glory in Jesus Name, Amen. God bless you!!!

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