January 11, 2019


Abram was called to start a journey of Faith, a journey that was filled with challenges just like any journey of life. Genesis 12:5 reads “Then Abram took Sarai his wife and Lot his brother’s son, and all their possessions that they had gathered, and the people whom they had acquired in Haran, and they departed to go to the land of Canaan. So they came to the land of Canaan. Abram passed through the land to the place of Shechem, as far as the terebinth tree of Moreh. And the Canaanites were there in the land. Then the LORD appeared to Abram and said, “To your descendants I will give this land. ” And there he built an altar  to the LORD who had appeared to him”

We saw earlier on in this chapter that he was supposed to go to a land that God would show him. Now we read that he moved from one point to the other until he got to the land of Canaan which was the right place that God wanted to give to him. Abram was guided through this journey by God himself. Even if we were not told there would be at times he would want to turn to the right and the Spirit would say turn to the left. At times he might want to go forward, and the Spirit would say turn right. What impresses me is the fact that when you are in the will of God, you will never miss the way.  As soon as he got to the place God spoke to him again and confirmed that the place he was at that moment was the rightful place. Though the place was still populated by the original inhabitants, but it was for the descendants of Abram. This is what we meant by faith, a place still occupied would later become Abram’s possession. What was God going to do with those people there at that particular time and why did he want to replace them? As we read on we would understand the plan of God concerning Abram, the chosen man and the people of the land (Canaan)

Reading on, for whatever reason, we were told Abram continued the journey “going on still toward the south” and there he met famine in that land and he now went down to Egypt to sojourn there because the famine was grievous. On entering into Egypt, he knew he was entering into a danger zone where there could be uncertainty of what would happen to Sarai or to him because of Sarai, therefore he told Sarai not to disclose her identity as his wife so the Egyptians would not kill him and keep Sarai for themselves. When we move away from the radar of the Almighty, we are bound to have some problems. Abram continued the journey despite the fact that God had appeared to him to confirm that this is the place. All he could have done was to pitch his tent there and started to live among them. Moving away from that place, he first of all encountered famine and moving away from there he entered into Egypt where his safety was threatened and he lied to the people to safe his life.

Children of God, we might start well, but we must continuously listen to his direction so as to prevent us from stumbling. So many problems we face in life are partly because we were not listening to his instructions or we were not obeying what He told us to do. Surely as he predicted the woman (Sarai) was taken into Pharaoh’s palace because she was a beautiful lady. The Lord’s intervention prevented king Pharaoh from committing adultery. The bible says “And the LORD plagued Pharaoh and his house with great plagues because of Sarai, Abram’s wife. And Pharaoh called Abram and said, What is this you have done unto me? Why did you not tell me that she was your wife? Why did you say, “She is my sister’? I might have taken her as my wife. Now therefore, here is your wife, take her and go your way. So Pharaoh commanded his men concerning him, and they sent him away, with his wife and all that he had.”(Genesis 12:15-20).

Many believers have fallen into the trap of the enemy because they opened the door for enemy. If God had not mercifully intervened, how would he continue with Abram? All the lessons we are learning in this bible stories should open us to the inadequacy of man and the mercy of God that endures for ever. It should help us to learn from past mistakes of other people. God chose Abram, an imperfect being and begin to walk with him so as to reveal Himself to the world through him as they walk together. God is willing to walk with us individually though we are imperfect being. Just like a child that is learning to walk would fall down and rise up again, and fall again, and rise up again until he perfects the act of walking, so also we imperfect being should continue to make the effort to master our walk with God, when we make mistakes, we learn from it and move on until we are able to stand straight and walk without falling. God understands that we are made of dust and that our flesh is weak but He releases more grace to us as he sees our desire to know Him more and walk with Him.

My prayer this year for all of us is that we will learn from our past mistakes and the mistakes of others and we will live a life that is totally obedient to God’s commandments in Jesus name, Amen. This is how we can fulfill our destinies. The LORD be with you all.

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