December 30, 2018


The last Psalm of the Bible (Psalm 150) declares that everyone that is living should lift up his or her voice  to appreciate the God that kept us alive to see the end of year 2018. I join those people that considered it as a matter of duty to use everything in their disposal to praise God for sparing our lives to see the end of year 2018. It is good to look back from January 1, 2018 to today and count those who have gone beyond , both young and old. They were not expecting themselves to be among the dead but when death came, they had no control over it.  Nobody has control over the time to leave the planet earth, it is purely in the hand of God. Therefore those of us remaining are not better than those who are gone, we are only here because our time has not come. Therefore the people remaining should praise God for giving them another chance to put it right. One more day, year 2018 is rolling away to abyss, and never to be seen or heard again. Just as 2018 is rolling away, so also all of the problems of 2018, all the pain, all the disappointment, all the failures and all the challenges of 2018 are rolled away from your life and never to be seen or heard of again in the mighty name of Jesus.

Recounting of the mishaps of 2018, one cannot but remember all the natural disasters that swept through the world, one hurricane after  another, then the various aircraft that crashed, and the fire that swept through the part of California for many days which razed down the city of paradise  and the suburbs, can never be forgotten.  The daily occurrences of one problem or the other in different parts of the world are too numerous to mention. In all these you and I are still here, that is why we appreciate this God for counting us worthy to be alive today. The Psalmist says “Praise Him for His Mighty Acts, praise Him for His excellent greatness.” We are alive because of His wonderful work in the life of human race. He is putting things together and preparing for His return to the earth. He wants to meet His church chaste and sanctified for Himself. What a Mighty God we serve!!! Let us continue to reflect upon His goodness, and mercies over us all and make more effort to live for Him every day as we are entering into the new year 2019.  Every day is a special day that we are given to work on our attitude, to look back on those areas that our lives have not been pleasing  unto God and rectify it. Psalm 90:12 says “So teach us to number our days  that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom.”

We praise you our Father because it is only the living that can praise you and we pray that if you tarry your coming, you will give us more grace to see many new years in Jesus name. Thank you our dear Father, may your name be praised for ever and ever Amen.

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