December 12, 2018


The year is running to an end, have you taken stock of year 2018? What did you aspire when the year started ?”  Have you been able to effect any changes? What about your spiritual Life? Were you able to read your bible the way you wanted to? Was there any project you started and you wanted to finish but you are still yet to continue? These and many other questions could be what you are thinking about as this year is closing on us. Each year brings its own challenges and we must approach it with caution and with prayers? Our relationship with God is more important than any thing that we wanted to do but could not get to. What doth God require from us? As we are moving from 2018 to 2019, the LORD wanted us to focus on three things, (Micah 6:8)

The first is that he wanted us to be just. That is, we should be open-minded (transparent), no hidden agenda, our motives must be pure. We should be impartial and unbiased in every decision we make.This is what he meant by being JUST. If we have been found wanting in any of these areas, we should be determined in 2019 to be upright before Him. He wants us to be blameless children of God. If we are traders, and we have been cheating our customers, we need to put an end to this. If we have been robbing Peter to pay Paul, we need to desist from this. Now we are still living, we need to remember that those that are no more today did not plan to leave the world when they did. They had no control over their departure. So we should consider ourselves blessed that we have another chance to make things right before we go. Since nobody knows the day of our departure, the best we can do now is to watch what we do, and what we say and let everything align with the word of God.

The second thing that we need to focus on is to love mercy. Mercy is unmerited favor from God. We have all received mercy from God by forgiving all our sins and sending them to sea of forgetfulness. He said our sins He will remember no more. That is Mercy. Mercy rules over judgment. My God took my place on the cross of Calvary, the death I was to die for was taken over by Him. That is mercy ruling over judgment because the wages of sin is death. Mercy allows Him not to withdraw His blessings from me because of my sins.He overlooks my sins and blessed me with a husband and children. He did not withdraw all the comfort that comes from him alone, that is a place of work, food on the table, protection from the enemy and all other blessings too numerous to mention.Therefore the LORD wants me to follow His footsteps in 2019. Show mercy to those that do not merit it  May be these people have hurt you repeatedly, may be they have robbed you in one thing or the other, or they have persecuted you or neglected you when they were supposed to take care of you. The LORD wants us to overlook all these behaviors and shower mercy on them. Do not deprive them of their blessings that are in your hand, Whatever you have to do for this people should not be clouded with judgment. You should be free to show mercy to all of them. Whatever you do you do unto the LORD. God shows unconditional mercy to all of us and so we must do likewise.

The third thing that we need to focus on is to walk humbly with our God. Walking humbly with God is to acknowledge Him as our all in all. Total surrender to His Lordship, not using our intellect to do anything, or leaning on our own understanding, but taking every matter great or small to Him to lead us. If we can do this we are sure that 2019 will be much better than 2018. He will guide us throughout the year as we put all these requests into consideration. The Lord will help us to fix our eyes on Him, the Author and Finisher of our Faith. I wish you a happy 2019, God be with you all.

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