December 9, 2018


There was a message that came to me today concerning a vision that was given to a man of God and it was shared to other servants of God and it got to me today. I did not know the name of the pastor, but I know that the vision is genuine because it agrees with the word of God. The vision goes thus “I saw  a vision of an old man (in a dream), who approached me that he would like to send me to all the servants of God all over the world. Then what I observed  was that this old man had tears coming down his face and then blood was also coming out. So I took an handkerchief from my pocket to try and wipe away the tears, but he said that was not what he wanted me to do but to go and tell all servants of God to do the work I have given them. He told me majority of them have gone away from the work I gave to them.  He showed me two vehicles, very long and I did not see the end. On it was written “BLESSING” And the vehicle was filled with multitudes and many people were still trying to enter it. He said the servants of God that he chose to do the work are preaching blessings more than any other doctrine, so the vehicle is filled with them. On the second vehicle was written “SALVATION”, and very few people were there. So he told me that, the reason for his tears was because the servants that he has chosen were not doing the work He gave to them. In the midst of this vision I saw many famous men of God that I know, that I have been praying that the LORD would take me to their level.The man told me that these are the ones that have been preaching sermon of blessing instead of sermon of salvation. Therefore I should give this message to every servant of God and if I do not deliver this message, the blame will be on me,so I am sending this message to everyone through this medium, when you get it send it to other people too.”

This message is not new because the LORD had used many vessels in the past to deliver the same message, and if this is coming again, I believe the LORD has not seen changes in the attitude of the servants of God concerning salvation of souls. The love of God concerning humanity is so great that He is passing as many warnings as possible to us to reconsider our ways. Our purpose of coming to Christ is to have our lives transformed, leaving the kingdom of darkness and coming into the kingdom of his dear Son so that we can spend our eternal life in Heaven with Him. Isn’t that what our call centers on. “Go ye and preach the Gospel to every creature, and whosoever believes should be baptized.” so that they will not perish in hell fire. Hell is a place of torment, and gnashing of teeth, a place that is eternally separated from God. Hell was created for Lucifer and his fallen angels, and not for human beings. But because we are not adhering to the voice of God, many souls are landing in Hell fire daily. Our Lord Jesus is not happy about this, and that explains his tears that the man of God saw. He shed His blood on the cross of Calvary so that we can escape the wrath to come on the lawless people or the godless people. Children of God,  going to church is not enough, we need to individually develop a relationship with our Lord Jesus. This relationship identifies you with Him, and makes you qualify to enter the kingdom of God. Blessings will not take you to Heaven and the bible confirms this with the story of the “Rich man and Lazarus”  It is worth noting that the blessing that comes from God alone makes you rich and does not add sorrow to it. If you have that blessing, you will not allow it to take Heaven from you. Your Salvation will be first and foremost secured in the hand of God and you will now use it to bless other people. Your priority will be to live a sinless, blameless and spotless life so that your riches can multiply in heaven as you spread it to as many people as possible.

Being a minister of God makes you liable to live a life that reflects God’s character and your preaching should center on “Holiness” without which NO ONE shall see God.  You must not be a vehicle that will lead people to Hell. You have been ordained to preach God’s Grace  above other things. God’s grace is enough for you as a pastor to suffer hardship instead of looting church’s treasury. God’s grace is enough for you instead of living like a king among your congregation without any explanation on where money is coming from. God’s grace is enough for you to help your members that are going through financial difficulties, and they can not make ends meet (may be they cannot pay their children’s tuition, they lost jobs and they are going through foreclosure of their houses). How can you as a man of God live in a palace while majority of your members are suffering? How can you be living at the expense of your members feeling guilty because they have to contribute to the purse to make you live comfortably? If you live humbly before them, they too will depend on the Grace of God for all their needs.

Year 2019 is fast approaching, let us change our attitude to focusing more on heavenly message, rather than earthly ones. If we need to downsize to shed all the excesses, let us do so. Let us explain to our members the meaning of eternal damnation, which amount to placing one after death in an atmosphere that is totally separated from Christ.  It is unimaginable for people who have given their life to Christ to end up in such a place.  May the LORD give us more understanding in the assignment He has given to us, and release more grace to us so that we can perform the work that will change our lives and theirs (members) in the mighty name of Jesus, Amen. It is well with our souls. Amen.

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