November 27, 2018


Today we would look at the Scriptures to discuss the blessings that are part of the ways God confound us. The gospel of Luke had the story that goes thus “And it came to pass, that as the people pressed upon him to hear the word of God, he stood by the lake of Gennesaret. And saw two ships standing by the lake, but the fishermen were gone out of them, and were washing their nets. And he entered into one of the ships, which was Simon’s, and prayed him that he would thrust out a little from the land. And he sat down, and he taught the people out of the ship. Now when he had left speaking , he said unto Simon, Launch out into the deep, and let down your nets for a draught. And Simon answering said unto him, Master ,we have toiled all the night, and have taken nothing; nevertheless at thy word I will let down the net. And when they had this done, they inclosed a great multitude of fishes, and their net brake., And they beckoned unto their partners which were in the other ship, that they should come and help them. And they came, and filled both the ships ,so that they began to sink. When Simon Peter saw it, he fell down at  Jesus’ knees, saying “Depart from me, for I am a sinful man, O Lord”  For he was astonished, and all that were with him, at the draught of the fishes  which they had taken. And so was also James, and John, the sons of Zebedee which were partners with Simon.. And Jesus said unto Simon, Fear not, from henceforth thou shall catch men. And when they had brought their ships to land, they forsook all and followed him.” (Luke 5:1-11).

Simon with his crew were fisherman by profession. This was what they had mastered for many years. They knew the right time to go to the lake , and they had the right type of equipment, but it was not a good experience at this particular time. It was unlike other times when they would come back with their ship filled with fishes. They tried every method they had mastered, going from  one section of the lake unto the other but no success. Therefore by the time Jesus arrived at the scene, they were already washing their nets, ready to go home. But when Jesus asked for their permission to use their ship for his ministerial job, it was granted him with pleasure. They listened to him as he preached about the kingdom of God because a great number of people gathered around him to hear the word of God. After he had blessed everyone with the spiritual food (word of God), he turned to Simon to demonstrate the power that is in the word of God.  He spoke to Simon, “Launch out into the deep, and let down your nets for a draught” Simon gave him a brief report of all they had tried as they toiled all through the night but no catch. Then he said, nevertheless at thy word, I will let down the net. This was just to obey him because he let down one net instead of nets as Jesus commanded him. The result was amazing.!!!. It was like all the fishes that have been hiding from Simon came rushing into the net at the word of the Lord. The amount of fishes that were arrested that day was more than what they have ever experienced. They called their partners to come and help them, and both ships were filled with so much fishes that their ship began to sink. With help from people around, they were able to bring the ships to land.

This miracle was witnessed by a great multitude, and this must have created fear in them and Simon first confessed to Jesus he was a sinner and did not deserve the blessings that have been showered on him. Jesus told him not to fear, and that he would be used to bring souls to Christ (fisher of men). The story ended with Simon and his crew (James and John) becoming followers of Christ (they forsook all). Brothers and sisters, this story is another confirmation of what only God can do. The bible says, in Luke 1:37, “For with God, nothing shall be impossible”. His blessings are always abundant. This story should encourage you never to give up, no matter what you have gone through or what you are currently passing through. You too can say like Simon, “I will hold on to the word of God.” His word is powerful, and it changes all circumstances. People go through for many reasons that only God has explanation for, and if that person can endure, the result always gives glory to God. Your story might be one of those that had made you to be at your wit’s end. Your situation might have caused you so much stress and pain and you are thinking “Will I ever get out of this mess?” Guess what, if he took Simon out of his own stress, he will take you out of yours too, and many people will witness your miracle and they will give glory to God on your behalf.  I pray this shall be your portion in Jesus name.Amen. Just continue to hold on to the word of God. He will never put you to shame or disappoint you. God bless you all.

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