September 19, 2018

2 Samuel 6: 11-12.. And the ark of the LORD continued in the house of Obed-Edom the Gittite three months; and the LORD blessed Obed-Edom, and all his household. And it was told king David, saying, The LORD hath blessed the house of Obed-Edom, and all that pertaineth unto him, because of the ark of God. So David went and brought up the ark of God from the house of Obed-Edom into the city of David with gladness.

The ark of God in the Old testament symbolizes the presence of God. The LORD manifested himself in the life of Obed-Edom by blessing him and his household. The ark of God was with him for three months and the blessing that God poured upon this household was beyond measure. I do not know what they did within the three months that they were not doing before. What changes did they make to their living style that caused the blessings to be so noticeable. Definitely there is no amount of human effort that could be done within three months that could make so much difference from what they had before the ark was placed in his house. This goes to show that it is God that ordains blessings from above. It is not what we do or how we do it, but God’s mercy over us. The Bible says, “So then it is not of him that wills, nor of him that runs, but of God that shows mercy.” Romans 9:16. If the LORD can bless the entire house of Obed-Edom within three months, it is a demonstration of what God can do if we place our trust in Him. Remember how God called Abraham and made a covenant of blessing with him. The Bible simply says, “Now the LORD had said unto Abram, Get thee out of thy country, and from thy kindred, and from thy  father’s house, unto a land I will shew thee. And I will make of thee a great nation, and I will bless thee, and make thy name great, and thou shalt be a blessing; And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee, and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed.” (Genesis 12: 1-3). The only thing that Abram had to do was to obey God so that all that God had said would come to pass. The Bible says “So Abram departed, as the LORD has spoken unto him”  Constantly, the Bible makes us to understand that blessing does not come from the east, or from the west but from God above. He is the only ONE that knows why He does things the way he does, but what is clear is that He is the ONE in full control of whatever is going on in our lives. His purpose for blessing Abram was to showcase His Name through him, that the world might know that He is God, and that there is nothing He cannot do. He uses different means to make Himself known. When they discovered the abundant blessings that God poured upon Obed-Edom, they knew that it came from the LORD, because they went to tell the king that the life of Obed-Edom has changed because of the ark of the LORD. I believe that the entire house of Obed-Edom must have been obedient to the LORD, worship Him with fear and trembling everyday and bringing their requests to Him. Knowing what the ark represents, praises must have enveloped their house for such an opportunity. No wonder the blessing God poured on them was so much that it caused uproar, and even jealousy that the king had to arrange the removal of the ark from his house with immediate effect.

My prayer today for you and myself is that God will look upon us with mercy and cause His face to shine upon us and direct our blessings to us as He did to Obed-Edom in Jesus Name. Isaiah 45: 2-3 reads “I will go before thee, and make the crooked places straight, I will break in pieces the gates of brass, and cut in sunder the bars of iron. And I will give thee the treasures of darkness, and HIDDEN RICHES of secret places, that thou mayest know that I, the LORD, which call thee by name, am the God of Israel.” This scripture is a confirmation that all blessings upon His people come from Him. He blesses so as to make Himself known and be depended upon. Let us continue to pray that God that turned the life of Obed-Edom around for good within three months will perform the same miracle in our lives for the people of the world to know Him through us. Let us be obedient to His word so that our ways will be pleasing unto Him, so that every crookedness in our path would be straightened, and every gate the enemy have erected that have been blocking our blessings to be opened and broken in pieces, so that our eyes could be opened to the treasures of darkness that are meant for us in Jesus Name, Amen.

Prayer…Lord make a covenant of blessing with me and my family so that we can be a blessing to others in Jesus Name, Amen.

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