September 12, 2018

Romans 8:28..And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are called according to his purpose.

The sovereignty of God is displayed throughout the universe. The heavens declare His glory and the firmament His praise. His words are true to the ends of the world. Because the LORD rules in the affairs of men, whenever certain things happen to us, we should remember that there must be a reason why God allows that situation to happen. Esther was installed as the Queen in Babylon when Ahasuerus was king (Esther 2:18-19). Little did she know that she was there for a purpose. When Haman plotted to kill all the Jews, and her uncle sent message to her to go to the king to inform him  of the plot by Haman, she first sent message back to her uncle that she had not been scheduled to see the king in the next 30 days, and nobody could see the king when he  or she had not been invited to see him. Her uncle immediately sent back to her that if she held her peace in this matter, help would still come from someone else but her family would suffer the consequences. Then her uncle said to her, “may be you are in this position for such a time as this” . Esther then decided not to be quiet about this but to go to the king  and pleaded for her nation the Jews “not to be annihilated by Haman” Truly God made Esther to receive favor from the king, and her request was granted, and a counter action was sent to the Jews to arise and defend themselves by killing whosoever had determined to carry out Haman’s evil plan. The evil plan of Haman was aborted because God placed Esther in a strategic position and used her to fulfill his purpose. Indeed God works behind the scenes to bring His plan to pass in the life of his people.

God also worked through Joseph, one of the sons of Jacob, to bring the children of Israel to Egypt where they could grow and multiply as a nation before leading them back to their promised land. Despite the fact that the brothers of Joseph sold him to the Ishmaelites from there, he became a slave in Egypt, was lied against by his master’s wife, this led him to the prison. In the prison, because of the hand of God upon him, he was made overseer of the prisoners. His gift of being able to interpret dreams became known by his contact with prisoners from the king’s palace. God caused Pharaoh to dream and nobody could interpret the  dream until Joseph was called. Joseph interpreted the dream, and this placed him into a position of authority where he could influence the affairs of the world. The period of abundance came and Joseph was able to preserve food that lasted the time of famine, during which time his brothers came to buy food. The connection was made and Jacob’s family moved to Egypt and they multiplied and became powerful and prosperous(Genesis 39-47).

These stories are proofs that God of the universe work behind the scenes to bring to pass his plan for mankind. We can all relate to this scripture that many times in our lives we do not understand why many things happen the way they did. But on the long run, we would be able to connect all the dots and  see how it all came together beautifully well. When we learn to know God more, whenever things happen, we should know that God is in the midst of it, and the outcome will glorify His name. As long as we are in the will of the LORD, all things will work together for good for us because His thoughts and plan towards us are good and not evil, and they are to bring us to a future and an expected end. This is what it means to TRUST in the LORD with all our heart , soul and mind, and we should not lean on our own understanding (reasoning), but acknowledge Him in all our ways. Some people that do not know how to wait on the LORD, have been ensnared by the evil one, because they wanted things done in the way they thought it should be done. That way might not be the way of the LORD. Therefore let us learn to wait on the LORD in prayer, it does not matter how long it takes, let us trust that he is working things out that will favor us in the end and will also glorify His name. So let us remember that ALL things work together for GOOD for those that love the LORD and are called according to His purpose. The LORD will manifest Himself as the “Great Mighty King” , the Everlasting Father, who owns the KEY of our lives and will perfect everything that concerns us in Jesus name, Amen.

Prayer….LORD, I pray for your intervention in the affairs of all the Christians all over the world, that you will send fresh fire upon all of us to revive us in Jesus name, Amen.

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