September 11, 2018

1 Samuel 30:6….And David was greatly distressed; for the people spake of stoning him, because the soul of all the people was grieved, every man for his sons and for his daughters, but David encouraged himself in the LORD his God.

In today’s reading , we learnt of a terrible thing that had just happened in Ziklag in the home of David, and his men together with their families. David and his men left their wives and their sons and daughters to help the Philistines who were waging war against his people, the children of Israel. David had become king Saul’s enemy and he sought to kill him (David), and David had gone from one hideout to another for safety, and Ziklag which was the territory of their enemy (Philistine) was one of such hideouts for David. he had told the king of Philistine that he would be loyal to him. The advisers and subjects of the king did not trust David, they reminded him that David was the one that killed Goliath, and that he might fight against them on the battle field. So David and his men returned to Ziklag their place of abode, not knowing that the Amelekites had invaded the city and had taken their people captive while they burned down the place. Can we now imagine the state of mind of the king-elect, who had been running from pillar to post in order to escape from Saul that wanted him dead, and now other enemy invaded their city and burnt everything down. David’s question would have been”What have I done LORD that all these are happening to me?” His men that came to support him because they were loyal to him, also suffered the same fate. They all wept until there was no tears running from their faces. Imagine their disappointment in David, and the regret of leaving king Saul to join him. Of what benefit was this, when their family (wives, sons and daughters) had been taken as captives, and they had no idea where they had been taken to. This distressful situation was what made them thought of stoning David.

Things of this nature also happen to people generally, when attacks would come from right, left, and center, and it would appear as if their world is collapsing on them and they do not have any way out. Some people can experience the loss of loved one, followed by loss of job and /or loss of house. Many people end up on the street because of all these problems. The stance that David took brought solution to the problems. The Bible says, David encouraged himself  in the LORD. What does it mean to encourage oneself in the LORD. David reminded himself of who God is. He knew that He is a powerful God, a compassionate God, a loving God, a trustworthy God, a merciful God, the Sovereign God that is in control of all situations and there is nothing impossible for Him to do. He reminded himself that He was always there when he needed Him, during the time he was shepherding his father’s flock, and when He helped him to kill Goliath. Among all his brothers, God had chosen him to be the king-elect, and part of the problems he was facing was because of envy and jealousy from king Saul. Therefore instead of allowing himself to  continue to wail and weep  because of what had happened, he went to God in prayers, asking the LORD what step he should take.,He asked “Shall I pursue the troop? shall I overtake them? And the LORD answered, “Pursue , for you shall surely overtake them and without fail recover all.” David pursued and recovered all (1 Samuel 30:19).

Therefore brothers and sisters, let us commit all our problems to the LORD. He is the Alpha and Omega, He knows all things and He knows the end from the beginning. Nothing takes Him by surprise, whatever is going on in your life is open to Him and He alone knows the solution to all the problems. Let us TRUST more and PRAY more. The LORD that answered David is still the same God, and He will answer our prayers in Jesus name,Amen.

Prayer…Lord I cast all my burdens upon you because you care for me, don’t let me be put to shame. I pray for speedy answers in this situation of mine. Let it be so in Jesus name, Amen.

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