September 8, 2018

I Timothy 6: 6-8…But godliness with contentment is great gain. For we brought nothing into this world, and it is certain we can carry nothing out. And having food and raiment, let us be therewith content.

In the world of today, there are so many lessons we can learn from what we see around us. Though we can not tell the story of when we were born, but we have seen new babies being born and we know that none of them came with anything, and we have witnessed so many people that died and none of them took anything with them. As a matter of fact they have nothing to do with their burial, once the eyes closed in death no remembrance of anything again. They are gone and there is no interaction with the living any more. What ever  property they left behind they have no authority over them any longer. The summary of these known facts is that we human beings should  learn from the mistakes of others. If those before me lived such a reckless life and did not apply their hearts to wisdom, and then died in the midst of their struggles for wanting to acquire more and more properties to themselves, then of what use is all they have accumulated that could not go with them. Their relatives will help to squander what they left behind,, because what they didn’t work for have no value. Therefore if we came with nothing and we will depart with nothing, we need to fill the “in-between” with what is worth the while. God did not tell anyone the exact minute you were conceived ,and the exact time you will be out of this world. This brings us back to the Bible which is full of experiences that we need to learn from.

The author of life is God Himself. He loves us so much that He used many people to put into writing what had happened since the earth was created ,the good and the bad that had happened to mankind, and the judgment awaiting every individual at the judgment day. Even if you don’t know the Bible, the government that is set up in the world rules according to laws and regulations. Traffic lights (Red, Yellow, Green) are placed at strategic positions to enhance safety of human lives.  Many lives have been lost because of our disobedience to this simple regulations. If you are lucky to be alive you might suffer some financial consequences. There are always consequences for not obeying laws. I remember recently when a letter was sent to me to pay $ 75.00 for driving through the red light. This offence could not be contested because the camera took the picture of my car with my plate number under the red light, and therefore I had to pay the fine. It was very painful to me to waste my money for such an offence. But guess what, I got the message, since then I never run a red light, and I keep to speed limit wherever I go so that the camera will not take my picture for excessive speed.

All the words of the Bible are for our learning. They were written so that we can apply our hearts to wisdom. We are advised in today’s scripture to live a godly live with contentment. This means that since my days are numbered, I should devote each day that I am given to living according to the rules of God (godliness). All the do’s and the don’ts of God are actually to our advantage so that we can enjoy the goodness of God in the land of the living.  Isaiah 1:19 says “if we are willing and obedient, we shall eat the good of the land”. Disobedience deprives us from enjoying God. The eyes of God covers the whole earth and records all that we do (video), just like the camera that took the photo of my car when there was no cops watching. Knowing this fact should help us to live a life that fear God and obey his commandments. No sinner will go unpunished . What we don’t know is when the punishment will be given. Unfortunately our God does not operate like the government operates. His own punishment can be delayed or/and passed on to children’s children.

The next advice which is closely related to godliness is “be content” That is to say that ” you should not live a life of covetousness”. Do not bite more that you can chew.  Do not go for Mercedes Benz when you can only afford  Honda or Toyota or Hyundai, just because your friend is riding such a car. Do not start to build a “story building” house when you can only afford “bungalow”.  Think before you leap. After all, what you need is a roof over your head (it does not matter the size), a vehicle to transport you from one point to the other. Remember that some people do not even have what you have. Therefore be content with what you have and be grateful to God for it. When you think of the fact that you came to the world with nothing, therefore all you have acquired in life are gifts from God, they are for you to enjoy and be thankful for. Why should you labor for things that will not go with you when you die? Unfortunately you do not know the hour of death, so if you have food to eat, clothes to wear, and a house to sleep in, you are blessed. If you are struggling, and life is not comfortable, then your desire is to have a change of situation, then talk to God in prayers, and back it up with so many examples in the scriptures whose lives have been changed for the better. This is why the Book (Bible) is written for us. You cannot be contented with struggles and poverty when Jesus says, “He has come so that you might have life and have it more abundantly”.(John 10:10).  As a matter of fact everyone of his chosen people were blessed abundantly, starting from Abraham the father of nations to his descendants. Anyone that recognizes the suffering position that he is in, should cry to God, like Jabez did, and the LORD that answered and turned his situation around,  will do so for you too in Jesus Name. Amen.

Prayer.. LORD  turn my mourning to joy, take away my struggles and give me rest in Jesus Name, Amen.

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