August 2, 2018

August 2, 2018
Luke 1:45…And blessed is she that believed; for there shall be a performance of those things which were told her from the Lord.

The word of God is mystery, and the power that is in His word is at times underestimated. The Word of God is a seed that when sown, our faith or belief in the Word brings it to life. The scripture of today emphasizes the fact that for us to experience manifestation of the word of God we have to believe that the word of God is powerful and can do what it is meant to do. In Isaiah 55:11, the LORD compared His word to rain that falls and will not return to Him void but it will accomplish that which pleases Him and it shall prosper in the thing whereto it was sent”

The beginning of Luke I explained to us about a certain priest named Zacharias and Elisabeth (his wife) who were both righteous before God but they had no child because Elisabeth was barren, and they were well advanced in age (old). While he was discharging his duty an angel appeared to him and told him his prayer has been answered and that his wife shall bear him a son and they shall call his name John. Few months after that Elisabeth’s cousin, Mary, also had angelic visitation that she would also conceive a Son whose name shall be called Jesus. Surely what they were told came to pass because they believed the word of the Lord.

The Bible is the word of the LORD. We do not need angelic visitation (though some might experience this in this age) before we can be sure God is speaking to us. On a daily basis, God speaks to us through His word. Now the scripture says “Blessed are you that believed (His Word) and there shall be a performance of those things you were told from the Lord.” When you spend time reading the word, you are spending time with the owner of the word. As you read, some scripture will be so real to you that you will find yourself going over and over it. If you hold on to that word that day, you will experience what Paul called “your eyes of understanding being enlightened” (Ephesians 1:18) and you will know that there is HOPE in the word. You will have inner peace for being able to discover this word and using it will now transform your life. You will start to appreciate why you are called, and what He wants to do so that your situation can bring glory to Him.

Brothers and sisters let us believe the word of God and as we have entered the month of August which is a month of new beginning, I pray that God will begin to perform and perfect all that concerns you, and your life will experience new things that you cannot even imagine in Jesus name. Amen.

Prayer..Lord do something new in my life that will lift me up for the world to see and will publicize your name, Amen.

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