July 26, 2018

July 26, 2018
Isaiah 43:19..Behold, I will do a new thing, now it shall spring forth; shall ye not know it? I will even make a way in the wilderness, and rivers in the desert.

In the scripture of today, the LORD promises us that He will do something new that shall not be hidden, but will be made known all over. What he promises to do will bring us to a situation where people will wonder and will not be able to explain what has happened. Nobody can explain many things that our God does because he is the only One that knows what He is doing. When He came to rescue the children of Israel from slavery, He performed many miracles in Egypt for every one to know that He is God and beside
Him there is no one else. When He led them through the wilderness, He again performed many wonders to make their journey to the promised land comfortable. He opened the Red Sea for them to pasthrough, He sent manna from heaven for them to eat, He brought water from the Rock, and led them constantly with the pillar of cloud by day and the pillar of fire by night. Whatever their difficulties were on the way, He met them at the point of their needs. All that happened to them were written for us to learn from so that we too will put our TRUST in God who is able to do all things.
Wilderness situation are always not palatable. They occur most of the time for us to look up to Jesus who is able to come to our aid. It does not matter the depth of the problem, He alone is able to bring us out of it. Any problem that comes our way is another way of showing forth His supremacy.

I remembered when I was looking forward to my family to join me in the United States and the job I was depending on to make my husband to come with some of the children was denied at the last minute. I cried that day thinking that all hope was lost. Then my brother in law who was helping me, and knew that I had put all my hope on this job, encouraged me to continue to look unto God and not give up. The reason for not giving him that position was because there was no money to fund it, but to the GLORY of God, the head of that College suggested that he would submit his resume for the competition that was coming up for the entire Maryland University System at that time. Whoever wins this competition will be awarded a lump sum of money to do research for a whole year. This university that submitted my husband’s resume for this competition has never won this award since the competition started, but lo and behold, my husband won the award that year. This brought the university to limelight, and being the first recipient of this award, he was brought to this country on a platter of Gold. The stone that the builder rejected became the chief corner stone. He was summoned to come to the USA immediately and this was how my husband and children (all of them) joined me.

If this story inspires you, I will encourage you to continue to look unto Jesus who is able to do NEW things for the whole world to see. There is nothing He cannot do, we just need to trust Him and never give up. He will always do something NEW in your life that will bring GLORY to Him.AMEN.

Prayer.. LORD I need a miracle today in this my situation. You promised to do A NEW thing, I desire that this situation will bring you the glory that you deserve. Thank you LORD.

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